Since February this year, I have been getting mails requesting that I make a post on how people mostly men living with diabates can live a healthy life without the  painful symptoms that comes with TYPE 2 DIABETES.


At first I didn't pay attention to this because there are many websites out there with tons of information on this subject.


But I guess you wanted something real that is coming from a trusted and an experienced person. And since am yet to suffer from diabetes, I didn't post anything about the topic untill now.


This is because early last month, I finally found someone trustworthy. A fellow  Nigerian man who sufferred from TYPE 2 DIABETES and found a solution to it.


Not just that, he has helped about 30 persons most especially his co workers to get rid of the problem as well. 

Here is his story (in his own words)

My name is Kelvin a banker by profession.

Due to the nature of my job. I seat a minimum of 12 hours a day from Monday to Friday sometimes Saturdays.


So after my 45th birthday celebration I observed that I get tired easily. This was not the case prior to this period cos am a workaholic.


I blamed this feeling of tiredness on stress and decided to reduce my workrate. This I did but nothing improved rather I notice that the rate at which I frequent the toilet to urinate has increased even when I don't drink water.


This continued for about 8 months and within this period my sight had gone bad as I was already using glasses something that I wasn't using before.


While all these were happening I assumed that they were all the symptoms that comes with aging.


So I continued suffering this silent symptoms untill one day I had a foot sore as a result of the tight shoe I recently bought. Being a banker, I had to wear my shoes always.


I applied all manner of treatments and the sore was not healing. This caused me severe pains.


I had to ask myself why are all these happening to me.

My productivity at work reduced drastically that I risked being sacked when am almost at the peak of my career? I had to do something fast, really fast.


I immediately went to see a doctor who diagnosed and said I had TYPE 2 DIABETES.




Anyways, to cut the long story short. 

The doctor being my close friend advised that DIABETES is better managed with SUPPLEMENTS, DIETS and HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES rather than use drugs.


I asked him why, and he said " Most DIabetes medications come with severe side effects". so that's why he is recommending the DIABETES HEALTH THERAPY to me.


He further explained that the reason why he is recommending this program is because of it's holistic approach in managing diabetes.


For instance he said the therapy includes a MEAL PLAN and a supplement that is NAFDAC approved.


And to prove that this therapy really works, alot of his patients have used it and have testified that it really works.


I was taken aback because this is the first time am seeing a doctor speak in favour of using natural supplements to manage a health condition.


Considering this, I immediatly enrolled for the program and used the  products  alongside the Meal Plan for a period of 3 months.

Before the expiration of the third month. I witnessed a turn around. The sore  on my feet was gone, my blood sugar that was upto 130 mg/dL has reduced to balanced level of 100 mg/dL.


My eye sight which was as a result of retinopathy is gradually healing, Am stronger and more focused at work."

I decided to share this story because I know there are persons like Mr Kelvin who due to their lifestyle are exposed to the harmful symptoms of diabetes.

So today, I tell you, don't wait before is too late when they have to amputate your legs or when your Kidney or liver fails or worst still when you go blind due to retinopathy.

Take advantage of this Diabetes Health Therapy By Mr Geoffery.

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