Natural Diabetes Therapy Approved By NAFDAC...

  Regulates Your Blood Sugar

  Detoxifies Your Body

  ...And Manages the Complications that Can Result From Diabetes


PLUS: How To Completely Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally In 4 Weeks... 


Dear friend,

  Is diabetes affecting your life?

  Are you having less time to sleep due to the frequent urge to urinate?

  Tired of poking your skin with expensive needles every day?

  Tired of dealing with the constant lack of energy that’s associated with your diabetes or High Blood Sugar?

  Tired of living your life with stubborn body fat on your waist, legs, and thighs?

  Is sex becoming stressfull due to your inability to perform well cos you are too weak to sustain an erection.


If you are sick and tired of these conditions and more,

then I am happy to tell you that all these painfull symptoms

resulting from  your diabetes or High Blood Sugar can be

completely thrown away for good!



  Without leaving embarrassing pricking scars on your fingers.

  Without spending hundreds or even thousands of naira on

prescription drugs that not only empty your bank account, but

leave big pharmaceutical executives richer from preying off your condition…



3 months ago, one of our subscribers sent us an email to inform us

about a truly effective Natural Supplements that has changed his life.

According to him, after 4 weeks of taking this Natural Supplements,

3 things happened to him:

  His blood sugar reduced

  He no longer feels weak

  His bad eye sight due to retinopathy started improving.



We wanted to be sure about this before recommending it to people.

So, we bought 10 bottles of this NAFDAC approved Natural SUpplement to try.

We shared this 10 products for FREE to our family members who had Type 2 diabetes.

This natural supplement is called HYPOGLYCEMIC CAPSULES.

It is made from 4 of the most powerful medicinal herbs (Chinese wolfberry, Ginseng, Selenium Yeast, and Chromium Yeast).

And it has NAFDAC REG NO:        

Here Are The Things We Found Out About This Wonderful Products From Our Relatives:

  Regulates/stabilizes blood sugar (high and low) and prevents complications.

  it flushes Out Clot from your heart

  Very good for people with impaired glucose tolerance and Type diabetes

  Good for people with eye problems.



You can follow the various testimonials below to see what people are saying about this amazing product...



Right now, you can get the product and start enjoying the same results that many people have gotten from using this amazing natural product.



Simply choose from any of the 3 options below and proceed to place your order.


N/B: - This prices inlcudes the cost of packaging and sending it to you



I have GIFTS for people who order for  any of the plans.

The First Gift is a Product called KUDING TEA created from 2 of the most powerful medicinal herbs (Big Leaf Holly and Loftus Leaf).

The benefits of this powerful product are

  Boost libido

  Reduced high cholesterol level

  Reduces high blood pressure

  Reduces blood sugar

The worth of this product is N12,000 but you will be getting this for FREE .

i.e If you buy 1 bottle you get 1 Kuding Tea for free!! if you 2 bottles you get 2 kuding Tea for free).

The Second Gift you will be getting is a comprehensive Diabetes Meal Plan based on our local Nigerian  dishes


The reason for adding a meal plan to this Diabetes Therapy is,

supplements work better when you eat the right foods in their right proportions and at the right time.

If am to sell this Plan saparetely It will cost you N5,000 but I will equally give it to you for FREE.

These Freebies Are Available To

Persons Who Order Before The Expiration Of...

To Order for any of the Diabetes Reversal plans 

Send the following;

Plan Type: (e.g 1 month Plan)

Your Name:

Address (i.e where you want it delivered)

Phone Number

Either via SMS or WHATSAPP to 0810 128 0865

N/B: You only pay when you have recieved the products and delivery is free!!!


Here Are Frequently Asked Questions About the Diabetes Health Therapy:

QUESTION: Are these products NAFDAC Approved?

ANSWER: Yes, it is NAFDAC approved and the NAFDAC REG No:     


QUESTION: When Will I Start Seeing the Effects?

ANSWER: From our experience, you can start seeing the effect of these products within 1 week of using it but it is recommended that you take these products for a minimum of 90 days (i.e 3 months) for total recovery.


QUESTION: What are the Side Effects of these products

ANSWER: From our experience with customers, these products are purley natural and thus do not have any side effects.


QUESTION: Do I Have to Keep Using the products To Keep Getting The Benefits It Offers?

ANSWER: The answer is No. Now you have to use it consistently for 3 months after which you can monitior your sugar level and watch what will eat.


QUESTION: How Long Will It Take to Get this Product to Me?

ANSWER: If you are in Port Harcourt, Owerri or nearby states, you will get it within 24 - 48 hours. But for other states, you will get it within 6 days maximum from the date you placed the order

Thanks for Reading!

Mr. Geoffery
Health and Wellness Coach
0810 128 0865

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